Sugar Mill Gearbox

The types of gears used in sugar mills include helical high-speed planetary gears. Typically, the sugar industry requires low-speed, high-torque gearboxes. These sugar mill gearboxes are made of the highest quality materials and tested by our team of experts before use.

Sugar Processing

As a supplier of high-quality industrial power transmission solutions, we offer robust gearboxes with proven performance records in sugarcane and sugar beet processing applications.

Other Application Areas

Our range of helical and double helix sugar mill gears are used in sugar mills and other processing machines for crushing raw sugar cane. In addition, rolling mill gears can also be used to meet the application needs of the following processes –

  • Conveyors
  • Handling heavy machines
  • Handling production materials

Technically, rolling mill gears are used in re-rolling hot and cold rolling mills. These gear units can be used to meet the following sugar manufacturing processes:

  • Sugar beet
  • Sugar cane

In addition, these gears help save energy by using an optimized design and precise function of the drive system. To meet your mill drive needs, we offer –

  • Load-sharing gear units
  • Low-speed planetary gear units

Gear and Transmission Repair, Retrofit and Reverse Engineering

  • Engineering analysis, gearbox evaluations, and reverse engineering of all brands
  • 24/7 global field service
  • Drop-in replacements
  • Lubrication system upgrades
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Condition monitoring (vibration, torque, load, temperature, pressure, etc.)
  • Remote and networked alarm notification
  • Failure analysis
  • Rush breakdown repairs

Other Application


Quality and Testing

Our fully automatic CNC gear measuring machines are designed for larger workpieces up to 2600 mm in diameter. These measuring machines are suitable for testing spur and helical gears as well as hobs, gear shapers, worm and bevel gears. These machines are critical for determining the precise lead and pitch of the gears to ensure that the manufacturing process is constantly checked against design intent.

Our Blog

Advantages of sugar mill gearboxes

Sugar mill gearboxes are critical to the operation of a sugar mill. The benefits of using a sugar mill gearbox include increased plant efficiency, lower power consumption, and reduced maintenance. Its modular design allows quick replacement and minimizes downtime. This type of gearbox is ideal for rolling mills with multiple drives, as it allows precise control of the milling speed of each roll.
Sugar mills require large-scale power transmission. Their machines require a high output gearbox to grind raw sugar cane. During the sugar processing season, sugar mills must operate at high speed. To meet these requirements, we offer a wide range of solutions. Their technical experts will consult with factory employees to determine the most efficient solution for their needs.
Sugar mills face the challenge of operating costs while increasing productivity. Proper lubrication systems are key to maintaining high uptime. Proper lubrication protects critical components.

Why Our Sugar Mill Gearbox?

  • Specially optimized design, Compact and reliable structure
  • Highest efficiency of power transmission
  • High precision grade with Gleason and Hofler grinding machine
  • Better meshing of gears,Low noise,Swift delivery and best service
  • Top brands bearings and oil seal,Long work life span
  • Vibration free,No oil leakage
  • Better cooling property,Cost effective
  • Ratio i: up to 900

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