Plastic Jerrycan Extrusion Blowing Machine Line

Plastic Jerrycan Extrusion Blowing Machine Line

CZPT Extruding CZPT Blow Molding CZPT/One Phase Blow CZPTing CZPT/PE Blow Molding CZPT/Automtaic Vacuum Shape Blowing CZPT/Hollow-CZPT Blow Molding CZPT/HDPE Blow CZPTing CZPT/CZPT CZPT CZPTing CZPT/A single phase with 1station CZPTing CZPT.

I. Principal complex data
Applied content: HDPE, PP, PE, PVC, and many others.
Production ability: 12L(max)
Output: three hundred*two pcs/hour

II. Extruding program
CZPT sort: Identical distance, diverse depth, gradual change
CZPT diameter: 80mm
CZPT L/D: 24/1
Extruding volume: 130-160kg/hour
Materials: 38CrMoALA treated with N
CZPT rigidity: HV700-840,
CZPT brittleness: <=2 degree
Barrel material: 38CrMoALA handled with N
Barrel rigidity: HV>=940
Barrel brittleness: <=2 degree
Driving way: Invert motor and difficult-teeth face equipment box
Extruding heating electrical power: eight.two-9.3kw
Extruder driving power: 37-45kw
Number of heating zone: 4zone

III. Accumulator head
Whole framework: Hassle-free
Quantity of die heating: three zone
Energy of die heating: 6-7kw
Max die-pin diameter: 140mm
Middle length of twin-die: 240 mm
Center distance of tri-die: 160mm
Centre distance of 4-die: 120mm

IV. Clamping device
Type: Double axes, solitary oil jar, double way, synchronization, opening and closing velocity is quick, but smoothly
Clamping force: 110KN
Platen size: 450*490mm
Platen opening stroke: 230-600mm
Max mould dimension: 520*500mm
Mould thickness: 235-380mm

V. CZPT dimensions and weight:
Size: 5.*four.1*two.8m
Weight: twelve ton

VI. Blow construction
Solitary blowing, 3 course, handy, it can safeguard exit of mould.

VII. CZPT technique
Tiny sounds, electricity price low, efficiently, long existence.

VIII. Character of manage program
CZPT, large speed, controlled by computer.

IX. Electrical power need
CZPTtricity: In accordance on customer country ecectricity.
Compress air: Strain=6kg/cm2, fluent=.8m3/min
Drinking water: CZPT water5-10degree, pressure2kg/m2, fluent3m3/hr.
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Plastic Jerrycan Extrusion Blowing Machine Line