Sugar Mill Gearbox

Compact Gearbox for Sugar Mills

As one of the sugar mill gearbox manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of mechanical products, We offer sugar mill gearbox and many other products.

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Key benefits of using compact gears in sugar cane plants:
better control of juicing;
The final trio reduces humidity;
The best solution to prevent overload;
The minimum investment to increase crushing capacity;
The reuse of roll sleeves reduces maintenance costs.

Advantages of this installation method:

No need to open or disassemble the device frequently;
Forced lubrication, filtering, and cooling oil;
Assembly requires no keys, pins, or adjustments;
No toothed (main) wheels, reels, rods, etc.;
Closed system, protected from external contamination;
No complex high-pressure hydraulic system is required;
Fully electronically controlled by electric motor and frequency converter.

We provide ultimate solutions to all sectors of the sugar industry like

  • Turbine high-speed gearboxes (spare parts, refurbishment, redesign, and new gearboxes)
  • Mill Low-Speed Drive Planetary, Duplex, Ordinary Helical (spare parts, refurbishment, redesign, and new gearbox)
  • Boiler gearboxes (spare parts, refurbishment, redesign, and new gearboxes)
  • Innovative direct roller drive system. (This boosts factory results in return for a season.)

Foot Mounted Mill Drives Gearbox

Shaft Mounted Direct Roller Drives Gearboxes