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Planetary Gearbox for Sugar Mills

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Compared to parallel shaft gearboxes, planetary gearboxes have higher mechanical ratings and are more compact because the transmitted power is evenly distributed among the three to five streams in each stage, reducing the induced stress and thus extremely The earth has optimized the size and below to accommodate higher ratios to eliminate open pairs. Reduced footprint by almost 50% compared to traditional drives (i.e., open gear).
The heaviest internal gears, such as the rings, are stationary, so no bearings are needed, and they automatically increase stability and reduce vibration levels, reducing noise. Achieving low noise levels of 80-85dB and low vibration levels up to 4.5mm/s Direct drive eliminates open gears, same bearing, coupling between secondary gearbox and open gears, resulting in 5% savings – 6% power consumption. For example, for a 45×90 mill with a power of 1100kw, which also includes the drive power of TRPO/GRPF, can save about 20% of the additional expenditure on the drive part. i.e., within five seasons, the extra payout is recouped, and sugar starts to make extra profits from the solution
The advantage of a planetary gearbox is that the planet bearings are only loaded if the bearing supports the sun or carrier load since the number of planets is greater and their equal and opposite forces more or less remove the load.
Lubrication of planetary gearboxes is very simple as the rotating gear train part acts as a pump, thus allowing splash lubrication.

We provide ultimate solutions to all sectors of the sugar industry like

  • Turbine high-speed gearboxes (spare parts, refurbishment, redesign, and new gearboxes)
  • Mill Low-Speed Drive Planetary, Duplex, Ordinary Helical (spare parts, refurbishment, redesign, and new gearbox)
  • Boiler gearboxes (spare parts, refurbishment, redesign, and new gearboxes)
  • Innovative direct roller drive system. (This boosts factory results in return for a season.)

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